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cacao consulting

[Contents that can be supported]

◆ Evaluation of imported coffee beans

◆ Evaluation of imported cacao beans

◆ Store management consulting

◆ Cacao beans import agency business

◆ Making test pieces of bean-to-bar chocolate

◆ Cacao farming guidance (selection of cacao beans suitable for the region, a series of agricultural work consulting)

◆ Cacao farm tour, invitation to Paris Salon du Chocolat, etc.

◆ A series of seminars that can be placed at bean-to-bar

◆ Translation services for languages around the world


Evaluation of imported cacao beans

◆ We will rank cacao beans according to global standards.

  Quality checks and

    Bean-to-bar chocolate using the cocoa beans

    We will create a test piece


Cocoa farming guidance

◆ Cocoa farming guidance (selection of cacao beans suitable for the region,

    series of agricultural work consulting)


episode 1

The cocoa journey begins at the farm.


Cacao beans import agency

◆ Procurement of safe quality cocoa beans with as much traceability as possible

    We will act as an import agent.

    We can also consult with you about importing cocoa beans according to your request.

Cacao plantation tour

◆ Affiliated cacao plantation tour

◆ Cacao farm tour with a famous chef

◆ Invitation to Paris Salon du Chocolat, etc.

    irregularlyIt will be held.


episode 2

​ Carefully harvested cocoa beans


Bean to bar workshop

◆ A series of seminars that can be placed at bean-to-bar

チョコレートができるまで のコピー.jpg

Store management consulting

◆ A series of support until store opening

◆ Sales method, store setup, recipe, package design,

◆ Proposal of manufacturing flow lines, introduction of sales destinations, etc., related to sales

    Advice and guidance

91 のコピー.jpg

episode 3

sorted by hand,


Translation services that can be placed in the languages of countries around the world

◆ From translation to arrangement of hotels around the world, creation of tours, etc.

◆ Proxy application for competitions and exhibitions Overseas, such as ICA

    Tournament application, lodging arrangements, local fixtures,

    Tour suggestions, etc.

Support for imported coffee beans

◆ Import agency of coffee beans

    Cacao beans and coffee beans closely related

    Japanese Advanced Coffee Meister

    U.S. Specialty Coffee Association Certified by the Brazilian government,

    Appraisal of coffee beans by a qualified appraiser who can grade coffee beans

◆ Hold seminars on coffee roasting, etc.


episode 4

Turns into the finest chocolate.

​Representative greeting

In order to support the help of people involved in cacao from now on,

many yearsAs a trading company manThe personal connections that flew around the worldsnack,We will give you various consultations.

I am currently in the real estate business.We also have connections with famous pastry shops,

Store opening and operation support,Introduction is also possible.

Please feel free to contact us.


​ Jun Eiki

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